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>>> What does Hardware Installers Corp do? 

Hardware Installers Corp provides turnkey framing tie down products and low cost installation services of the hardware to comply with uplift and shear load code requirements

>>>What are the benefits of using Hardware Installers Corp?

Whether you currently address hurricane hardware bundled with your framing bid or handle it some other way we can save the multifamily builder considerable time and money

Hardware Installers Corp handles all material ordering, delivery, storage and staging. Materials are always stored in proper containers. Shortages or other end of job discrepancies are never charged back to builders

Hardware Installers Corp installers are trained and experienced with all systems. Our streamlined labor process virtually guarantees we can provide high quality installations for less than framing companies

Hardware Installers Corp can order and install any hurricane tie-down systems

Hardware Installers Corp has completed numerous projects throughout the southeast for:

>Summit Construction

>Landsouth Construction

>Kessler Air Force Base / Dept. of Housing

>>>What is Quick Tie?

Quick Tie is a smart framing system for uplift and shear loads.

             Benefits over other hardware systems:

·   Costs Less

·   Will not bulge drywall

·   Will not loosen over time; swaged on

·   Much faster than strapping and endless nailing

·   Compensates for wood shrinkage by “pre-stressing” the structural cables

Rigid systems are completely passive until a wind event with uplift occurs. This seemingly insignificant uplift / movement may affect windows doors and structural integrity in general

·  Quick Tie functions proactively in this capacity to prevent uplift from occurring

·  Nail on systems require expensive fastening materials and extensive labor.

·  Quick Tie foundation anchoring and swaged fastening cut installation dramatically and reduce materials required

·   Threaded systems are proven to loosen due to wood shrinkage

·   Quick Tie is pre stressed to accommodate all wood shrinkage and will never loosen
If you have any questions, or if we can provide project pricing, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank You,

Andrew C Hunt
Sales Manager